Black Fathers: A Call for Healing.

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Taylor, Kristin Clark.
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"The fathers may soar. And the children may know their names," Toni Morrison wrote. In Black Fathers, Kristin Clark Taylor takes this wisdom to heart. Focusing on the irreplaceable gifts fathers bring to their children's lives as well as on the untold joy that comes from fathering a child, she invites all black fathers -- those who soar, those who are only learning how to fly, and those whose wings have been temporarily clipped by circumstances or personal failure -- to celebrate themselves, heal the fissures that separate them from their children, and reclaim their place in the hearts and lives of their families.

Black Fathers brings together the heartfelt, and sometimes painful, reflections of black Americans, young and old, male and female, with each chapter examining a unique and identifiable characteristic of black fatherhood. It examines the complexities of the African American father as well as some of the challenges and pitfalls that many men encounter at some point in their lives. There are anecdotes evoking the nostalgic glow of old-fashioned family togetherness; portraits of New Age fathers who juggle the demands of a career with the unshakable dedication to being there for their children; interviews with single, divorced, or widowed fathers who are trying to fill the roles of both father and mother; and tributes to the miraculous mentors in black communities -- uncles, teachers, volunteers, and other father figures who make a huge difference in a child's lonely life. Taylor describes her own father and husband, as well as other exceptional dads she has encountered, and discusses the importance of rebuilding broken and fragmented relationships. (Author abstract)

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