Beyond Breadwinner: How Fathers Make a Difference in their Childrens Life Prospects.

Year Published
Author (Organization)
Heritage Foundation (Washington, D.C.).
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Fact Sheet
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This fact sheet discusses research findings on the ways fathers impact the development of their children. Findings indicate: fathers' religiosity is linked to higher quality of parent-child relationships; fathers who regularly attend religious services are more likely to be engaged in one-on-one activities with their children; civically active fathers are more likely to participate in youth-related activities; fathers' engagement in their children's activities was linked to higher academic performance; among adolescent boys, those who receive more parenting from their fathers are less likely to exhibit anti-social and delinquent behaviors; close father-adolescent bonds protect against the negative influence of peer drug use; adolescent girls who have a close relationship with their fathers are more likely to delay sexual activity; adolescent girls whose fathers were present during their childhood are less likely to become pregnant; and adolescent males who report a close relationship with their fathers are more likely to anticipate having a stable marriage in the future. Links are provided to relevant research articles.

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