Associations Among Father Beliefs, Perceptions, Life Context, Involvement, Child Attachment and School Outcomes in the U.S. and Taiwan.

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Newland, Lisa A.
Chen, Hui-Hua.
Coyl-Shepherd, Diana D.
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Journal Article
This study was designed to examine connections among father beliefs, perceptions, context, and involvement, and school-aged children's attachment and school outcomes in the U.S. and Taiwan (n = 274 father-child dyads). Fathers completed questionnaires regarding their family demographics, education-related beliefs, perceptions, and involvement, and children's school achievement. Children completed a pictorial measure of attachment and standardized socio-emotional assessments. Father involvement was related to father beliefs and perceptions and to children's attachment-related secure exploration. Children's positive and negative school outcomes were related to father beliefs, perceptions, involvement, and children's attachment. School outcomes were uniquely predicted from nationality, attachment, father-teacher relationship quality, and fathers' beliefs about teachers, motivation for involvement, perceptions of invitations for involvement, efficacy, and school-based involvement, as well as from family income and mother involvement. Results are discussed in the context of "relationship-focused" education. (Author abstract)

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