The American Family Assets Study.

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A parenting adult and a 10- to 15-year old were surveyed in 1,511 racially, ethnically, economically, geographically, and structurally diverse U.S. families. Key findings indicate: (1) The average American family surveyed scores 47 out of 100 on the Family Assets Index; (2) Families are more alike than different when it comes to overall levels of Family Assets; (3) Some demographic factors do make a difference in overall levels of Family Assets, though these differences tend to be small -- some factors that do affect overall levels of Family Assets include age of the child, parenting adults' marital status, the family's access to basic resources in their community, race/ethnicity, and mobility; (4) Overall, parenting adults and their teens tend to report similar assets in their families; (5) Specific Family Assets and categories of assets are more or less common in American families -- families show the most strength in the category of nurturing relationships, and the greatest needs in the categories of establishing routines, adapting to challenges, and connecting to community.

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