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When the relationship between a child's parents ends, it does not mean that either parent's responsibility for that child ends. Both parents remain financially and legally obligated to a child no matter whether the parents remain together or not. The purpose of DC’s Child Support Services Division (CSSD) is to help the person caring for a child to collect child support from the child's non-custodial parent.  CSSD also helps those who are divorced to collect spousal support. CSSD has trained professional staff that provides a variety of services to eligible persons.

441 Fourth Street NW 550 N
Washington, DC 20001
United States

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Locating a child's parent for the purpose of establishing parentage and child support, Establishing parentage, Establishing a support order, Establishing medical support, Enforcing child support payments and medical support established by court order, Collecting child and spousal support payments, Reviewing child support orders to determine whether an adjustment is needed.



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