The Modern Dad's Quiz: How Well Do You Know Your Children?

Parenting Skills

This quiz can be completed by fathers on their own or with a fatherhood practitioner. Its goal is to show fathers how much they know about their children and encourage them to learn more if they don’t know all the answers.From The Modern Dad’s Dilemma: How to Stay Connected With Your Kids in a Rapidly Changing World by John Badalament.


  • Take the Modern Dad Quiz Handout


  1. Introduce the activity: Most of us think we know our kids pretty well, sometimes even better than they know themselves, right? Well, in order to test our knowledge, I have developed a short quiz for dads to take. For some, this will be simple; if so, consider it an affirmation of what a great parent you are. For others, especially dads with limited contact with their children, this will be a more difficult exercise; use the quiz as a reminder, motivator, or wake-up call.
  2. Pass out the Modern Dad Quiz Handout. Then tell participants: Take the following quiz alone. Answer all the questions you can for each of your children. When you finish, check your answers by talking directly with your child, your child's mother, or your partner. Make sure you fill in any questions you got wrong or left blank.
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