Male Nurturance

Reflection and Awareness

A two-part, 45-minute activity designed to help fathers define and identify the difference between nurturing and non-nurturing parenting practices. Please see handouts for detailed instructions, activity pages, and group facilitation prompts. From The Nurturing Fathers Program.


  • To accept feelings as a normal aspect of human experience and to reflect on our ability to experience and express a wide range of feelings.
  • To identify guidelines for relating to other people’s feelings in a nurturing way.
  • To define the nurturing characteristics that are shared by both fathers/males and mothers/females.
  • To identify the nurturing characteristics that exemplify the father/male style of parent.


  • Male Nurturance Handout
  • Pens


  1. Print enough handouts for the group. 
  2. Follow handout instructions. 
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