Journey: The Road You've Traveled

Reflection and Awareness

This activity can be used in group sessions with fathers and in training sessions with staff to facilitate reflection on previous life experiences and encourage identification of ways these experiences have affected personal attitudes toward parenting, relationships, and marriage. Adapted by Nigel Vann from an activity developed by Pamela Wilson for the National Partnership for Community Leadership in 2000.


  • Journey – The Road You've Traveled Handout
  • Journey – Discussion Guide Handout


  1. Ask participants to get comfortable and close their eyes if they’re comfortable with that. Read the “Journey – The Road You’ve Traveled” handout slowly and with feeling.
  2. Instructor state: Now that you’ve returned from your journey, there are probably many thoughts and memories running through your mind. In your small groups, please take turns sharing in one or more of these areas. You will have 15-20 minutes for this activity. Please take care to share the time with other group members.
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