Ron Tijerina, Co-Founder, Co-Executive Director, The RIDGE Project

Image of Ron Tijerina

Ron Tijerina is the co-founder and co-executive director of The RIDGE Project, Inc., a nonprofit organization that provides services through partnerships with churches, schools, and state and national agencies to serve the youth and families of Ohio. The organization also strives to inform individuals, communities, the media, and local and national policymakers of the importance of strong families. Together with his wife Catherine, Mr. Tijerina co-created the award-winning TYRO curriculum, which attacks the cultures of entitlement, incarceration, and generational cycles of poverty that fragment families and destroy legacies. His work in the Ohio prison system and across the nation has strengthened tens of thousands of families and garnered national attention.

Currently, Mr. Tijerina and his wife speak in venues across the United States and abroad sharing their vision of permanent transformation for families. TYRO programs are evidence-based programs that champion healthy marriage, successful reentry into society after incarceration, involved fatherhood, workforce empowerment, and intentional leadership.

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