Ron Thomas, Project Manager, Rubicon Programs

Image of Ron Thomas

Ron Thomas has served as Project Manager for Rubicon Programs federally funded Responsible Fatherhood program since 2012. Prior to his current employment at Rubicon Programs, he served as the Coordinator for the City and County of San Francisco as the Drug Coordinator for 15 years. Prior to that, Thomas worked with families that had children who were involved in the juvenile system and assisted in reunifications, child support modification, and arrears. Currently, Thomas oversees two sites with Rubicon that house Rubicon’s parenting component, FACT 11 (Fathers Advancing Community Together). On a personal note, Thomas was an absent dad of one child, who was killed on the streets before they were able to build a father-son relationship. This is one of the reasons that Thomas chose to work in this field—not only to share his experience, but also to learn from participants.

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