Richard Barr, Chief Development Officer, Barr Development Consortium

Image of Richard Barr

Richard Barr is the chief development officer of Barr Development Consortium, a multilevel consultation firm that focuses on personal and organizational growth and development. In this role, he provides extensive consultation to agencies across the nation on fatherhood and the delivery of fatherhood and father-friendly services. Formerly, he served as vice president of strategy and organizational development for the South Carolina Center for Fathers and Families (SCCFF). In that role, Mr. Barr facilitated the growth of SCCFF, along with its six fatherhood programs, into a national model of best fatherhood practices with a statewide reach across South Carolina; raised SCCFF’s visibility; ensured resources for its sustained growth; created its curriculum; and doubled its services and scope while building a network of support for men, fathers, and families. Years earlier he served as the first director and formulated the program for the Urban League’s Columbia Fatherhood Engagement Initiative.

Mr. Barr shares his extensive knowledge of personal and organizational growth and development, family dynamics, leadership, economics and wealth, counseling, and community development across the country. He often speaks on topics related to adversity, family systems and relationships, and males, particularly young fathers and fathers of color. He is considered a national expert on poverty and economic development opportunities for families, fathers, and communities. Mr. Barr earned an M.A. in counseling psychology and family dynamics from Webster University.

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