Rebekah Selekman, PhD, Senior Researcher, Mathematica

Image of Rebekah Selekman

Rebekah Selekman is a senior researcher at Mathematica where she studies family support programs and policies. Her research focuses on implementation science and administrative data analysis for programs designed to improve relationship, economic, and emotional well-being outcomes. She also provides evaluation technical assistance for rigorous evaluations. Dr. Selekman also leads studies related to child support program operations and outcomes, including a study of how child support programs are moving forward in a post-pandemic environment; an evaluation of the impact and implementation of child support cooperation requirements; and the use of employment and fatherhood programs to improve child support outcomes. Dr. Selekman serves on the National Child Support Enforcement Association’s subcommittee on child support research and has published articles in peer-reviewed journals. She received her Ph.D. in social welfare from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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