Justin Batt, Founder, Daddy Saturday

Image of Justin Batt

The purpose of my life is to connect. I'm also on a mission to reignite and restore fatherhood around the world and change the next generation through events, experiences, education and technology that end the cycle of fatherlessness. Through my nonprofit Daddy Saturday Foundation, I’ve created an international fatherhood organization that’s pushing the envelope on being a fatherhood media brand to reach fathers and the fatherless through any means possible. I’ve done a TEDx, written the book Daddy Saturday, launched the digital courses DadBOSS and KidBOSS, created an Alexa Skill for fathers, hosting the Fatherhood Festival at the Pro Football Hall of Fame Village in Canton, OH, releasing fatherhood NFT’s, crypto tokens and even working on a fatherhood Metaverse and AI strategy.

I have the pleasure of working with entrepreneurs, business leaders, politicians, celebrities, athletes and other incredible people who desire to build their brand and business with a book. I enjoy pushing my limits through Spartan obstacle course racing. It's changed the trajectory of how I approach everything in life and I've become extremely comfortable being uncomfortable. My kids participate with me and they have seen the life benefits as well.

My wife Heather Batt is an incredible entrepreneur and I support her women owned business 100% and have done so for the last 14 years. In fact, that's how Daddy Saturday started as I found myself at home all day on Saturdays with our four kids while she ran her business.

I have a B.S. in Sports Marketing from Clemson University.

Our home life is full of excitement as my wife and I raise our four children, 14 highland cows, 2 miniature ponies and run our modern working farm, Airbnb and host events at "True South Farm" outside Nashville, TN.