Adolph Brown, III, PhD, Founder, President, and CEO, The Business & Education Leadership Authority

Image of Adolph Brown

Dr. Adolph Brown III is the Founder, President, and CEO of The Business & Education Leadership Authority where he works with mission-driven organizations, schools, and corporations around the world to implement best practices that support peak performance and personal and organizational excellence. His honest, humorous, and helpful keynotes and workshops have been commonly described as “delightfully different.” He has more than 30 years of experience working with issues of mental wellness, social justice, equity, education, and diversity. Brown’s solid content and multiple takeaways, insightful humor, and parables are appreciated and recognized by business leaders, teachers, administrators, service providers, students, and parents all over the world. From extremely humble beginnings, he was the first in his family of five to graduate high school and go on to become a critically acclaimed clinical psychologist, university professor and dean, teacher educator, businessman, investor, research scientist, and middle school special education teacher. Brown considers his greatest accomplishments to be his joyful marriage with Marla, eight kind-hearted children, and grandson Aiden.

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