What To Do When Co-Parenting Gets Tough: Stories from the NRFC Hotline

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July 28, 2014

Parenting is filled with challenges. When parents live apart, these challenges can seem to grow, but the NRFC Hotline offers a resource and potential solution to parents when challenges arise. When they work together they can improve their situation and build healthy, happy homes for their children.

Below is a story about “Roberto” and “Roslyn” – two parents who were able to improve their situation with the help of the NRFC Hotline Team, staffed by specialists from Child Find/Parent Help.
(Note: Names of the callers and caseworker have been changed to protect the identity of NRFC Hotline callers.)

“Roberto called (the NRFC Hotline) because he had not seen his 11-year-old son Carlos in more than 4 months. His divorce decree gave him weekend visitation, but Roberto and his ex-wife Roslyn had verbally agreed that Roberto and Carlos would spend time together on Thursday nights.

Unfortunately, after some time Roslyn cut off communication between father and son, and Roberto was extremely upset. The NRFC Hotline team, staffed by specialists from Child Find/Parent Help worked with Roberto extensively, and together they came up with a plan for Roberto to connect with his son. Roberto’s plan involved the following:

  • Receiving information on possible legal options he could explore;
  • Reaching out to Roslyn to gain clarity on her frustrations and reasons for her actions; and,
  • Recommending and facilitating successful mediation and caseworker assistance.

These action items resulted in Roberto’s reconnection with his son and he called the NRFC Hotline to offer his gratitude.

This is just one example of how resources like the NRFC Hotline can help co-parents who are experiencing a tough time. The most valuable lesson of the story is if you and your co-parent find yourselves between a rock and a hard place, don’t give up. Get help.

Here are a few resources and to-do’s that can help you through your co-parenting challenges:

  • Call the National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse Hotline: 1- 877-4DAD411 [1-877-432-3411]
    • Note: Anyone can call. We have resources for moms and family members too.
  • Find a local fatherhood help program using the NRFC “Connect with Programs” directory.
  • Check back with our DadTalk Blog for more success stories to keep you inspired.

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