Three Big Benefits Fatherhood Buzz Brings to Community Organizations

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August 18, 2014

Do you need publicity or foot traffic for your fatherhood program, barbershop, or other community organization that serves families and dads? There’s a great opportunity coming up for you.

All year long, community organizations, program providers, and local businesses have been benefiting from supporting the National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse’s Fatherhood Buzz outreach program. Here are a few major ways programs and local businesses are benefitting from Buzz.

1: Free Publicity from Local Media Outlets
One of the biggest benefits of Fatherhood Buzz for barbershops, community partners, and local businesses is that it is a great opportunity to get free publicity on TV and radio.

Two great examples of this are My Father's House, Inc of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Clio Community Church near Dothan, Alabama, who both garnered prominent recognition on their local FOX and CBS stations. In addition, these organizations were featured in stories on their local news media websites as a result of participating in Fatherhood Buzz.

For father-focused organizations who need to increase their reach or want to publicize their positive work, participating in Fatherhood Buzz is one of the best things they can do this year.

2: Building Connections Between Generations of DadsThree Big Benefits Fatherhood Buzz Brings to Community Organizations
Getting dads and children out to celebrate fatherhood is only one of the benefits of Fatherhood Buzz. These community forums and activities across the country have also helped to connect different generations of dads to share challenges, resources, and parenting tips.

One great case of building intergenerational dad connections is a recent Fatherhood Buzz event hosted by Members of the Marcus Graham Project in Dallas, Texas. In addition to generating publicity, in the photos and videos recaps of the event you’ll see a variety of fathers sharing tips and encouraging one another.

3: Engage Your Elected Officials in Fatherhood Outreach
Last, but definitely not least, Fatherhood Buzz is a great opportunity to engage or build relationships with those who influence your community.

Recently, organizations like the NYC Dads Group, Legal Information for Families Today (LIFT), and Rise Up & Walk Youth Outreach Center, Inc. of New York benefitted from their support of New York City Mayor's Fatherhood Initiative's 2014 NYC DADs Matter Awards. The free publicity and promotion through the mayor’s initiative helps ensure their target audiences know of their services. It also provides an opportunity for service providers to offer feedback, ideas, and education to the Mayor and other local officials.

Stay Connected to Fatherhood Buzz
These are just a few of the reasons to join Fatherhood Buzz. To learn more and get ideas for hosting a Fatherhood Buzz event in your community, and find resources – like tip cards in English and Spanish – from previous Fatherhood Buzz events, visit the Fatherhood Buzz Stay Connected page.

The next Fatherhood Buzz effort will be on September 6, 2014 focusing on a Safe and Successful School Year. Sign up online between now and Friday, August 22.

To stay up to date on the next Fatherhood Buzz event sign up for our Email Updates, like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter.  Have a specific question on getting involved? Email us at Help@FatherhoodGov.Info!

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