Promoting Fatherhood Involvement: The Responsible Fatherhood Media Campaign Toolkit

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Publication Date
May 23, 2018

With Father’s Day coming up next month, you might be looking for new and engaging ways to get your partners and community involved with the issue of Responsible Fatherhood. The recently launched Responsible Fatherhood Campaign Toolkit is a helpful and easy-to-use website with great resources, especially if you are trying to:

  • Raise awareness for the issue of responsible fatherhood in your local community
  • Communicate directly with your partners and your community about the important work your organization is doing to encourage fatherhood involvement

But the toolkit is not just a resource that can be used in preparation for Father’s Day – it can be used again and again, even after Father’s Day. The toolkit provides free access to the Responsible Fatherhood campaign resources that can be used year-round, including all the current Public Service Announcements (PSAs) developed in partnership with the Ad Council. The funny and endearing PSAs highlight kids telling their favorite dad jokes, which they love because they come from dad. The PSAs communicate to fathers that even the smallest moments can make the biggest difference in their children’s lives. Watch one of the Dad Jokes PSAs by clicking the photo below!

Little Boy Telling Joke

Promoting these successful PSAs on your channels and in your local communities is an effective, year-round way to amplify the work your organization is doing to encourage responsible fatherhood. In addition to the PSAs, you can also find graphics and sample social copy that can be posted on your social channels, and information about how you can do outreach to the local media on behalf of the campaign. Check out the additional information on these strategies below:


  1. Posting on social media: A great way to promote fatherhood involvement throughout the year is to post about the campaign on your social media channels. The toolkit includes a variety of graphics and instructions for how to download graphics from the toolkit, pair it with suggested social copy, and post it to your channels. This is a great way to reach your followers and tell them about the Fatherhood PSAs and all the wonderful work you’re doing in the Responsible Fatherhood space.
  2. Reaching out to the local media: We also encourage you to share the campaign with your local media stations and throughout your networks. Not only does this help raise awareness for the media campaign, but it provides you with an opportunity to convey the importance and local relevance of the issue and the work you’re doing. On the toolkit, you’ll find ideas for how to reach out to local media outlets.

We hope the resources mentioned in this post will be useful for you and your partners as you prepare for Father’s Day, but we also hope you’ll return to the toolkit after Father’s Day for ideas on how to continue the conversation around responsible fatherhood in your communities. If you have suggestions for resources to add to the toolkit or questions, please contact us!