Make Mom’s May

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May 6, 2015

Moms can make every day special. Mother’s Day is a perfect time to celebrate the mothers in our lives, and to show the other special women in our lives, like aunts, grandmothers, and friends, how much we care. This year, do something not only on Mother’s Day, but throughout May.

Finding ways to show our respect, appreciation, and love for the moms in our lives will not only make Mom feel special, but helps to build healthy relationship skills in our children. It isn’t about spending lots of money or making a huge gesture either. It’s about taking the time to find ways to show that you are being thoughtful about what is special to her.

Here are four ways that you and your kids can make mom feel extra special this May:

Make a card
Some paper, a pencil, and a Happy Mother’s Day! will do just fine. Have your kids make a card for a mom in their life and include something about what they like most about her. What makes a homemade card so special – at any age – is taking the time to make the message personal. Does she always remember their favorite bedtime story? Does she let them drive themselves to practice? How about the way she gives the best hugs in the world.

Looking for something beyond simply folding a paper in half? Get some out-of-the-envelope ideas online.

Make a meal
Having a meal as a family can not only be a lot of fun, but it has also been shown to lead to positive outcomes for children, including lower rates of substance abuse in teens. Give Mom the feeling of a treat night out by making her dinner (or breakfast or lunch). Encourage your kids to ask Mom questions about herself and share stories themselves while you eat. What’s her favorite movie? What’s the most fun trip she’s ever been on?

Find healthy and kid-approved recipes to make together on ChooseMyPlate.Gov.

Make a 'coupon' book
One Free Hug, Just Because. Washing the Dishes. Taking Out the Trash for A Week.

Putting together a “coupon” book of things that kids can give back to mom who gives so much to them is a classic Mother’s Day gift for a reason. It acknowledges some of the things Mom does and volunteers to go above and beyond to help her out. Great for younger kids, putting together a coupon book helps build literacy skills and responsibility. Remember that not only do they have to think of something that they can do, they also have to follow through. Get more ideas on what to include by visiting PBS’ Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood website.

Older kids – even kids who are now parents themselves – can also find ways to give back to Mom. A daughter with a license could drive a younger sibling to soccer practice. An older son could go grocery shopping after school. Classics like an extra hug work at any age.

Make a phone (or video!) call
Not all moms (or grandmas or aunts) live nearby. Make it a point to call Mom a few extra times this May. Encourage your kids to call and tell Mom (or Grandma) an extra story about their day, and ask her questions about what’s new with her. If you can, consider a video call. Apps like Google Hangout and Apple FaceTime let you make video calls from computers and smartphones with a camera, for free.

Show her how much you all care every day, especially this Mother’s Day!

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