Father’s Day 2020: Launch of the NRFC Virtual Collaborative Community and the New Fatherhood.gov!

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June 15, 2020

On June 21, the National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse (NRFC) will launch its Virtual Collaborative Community (VCC) and redesigned Fatherhood.gov site. Practitioners will have new options for engaging with peers and keep up with the latest information in the Responsible Fatherhood field.

Virtual Collaborative Community

The NRFC Virtual Collaborative Community is here to help strengthen responsible fatherhood programs, practitioners, and all who work to support fathers, families, and children. As a member of the VCC, you will have access to:image of vcc site

  • Resources: Access and discuss research findings, data, articles, program services, and various resources, or ask the community a question.
  • Groups: Engage, share, and have conversations with peers on specific topics by joining groups.
  • Members: Connect with local, state, and national leaders.
  • Webinars: View the most popular NRFC Webinars, download connected resources, discuss webinar content, or suggest new webinar topics.

Joining the NRFC VCC is simple – create a profile using your name and email address. You can also indicate the program topics you’re most interested in – from Planning a Program, to Running a Program, Working with Special Populations, and Special Topics  – this will allow you to receive notifications about new resources and conversations that you want to engage in.

The NRFC VCC will be YOUR community—YOU can provide ideas on topics and conversations that will be most helpful to you. We look forward to connecting and sharing knowledge to strengthen each of our roles and the field of responsible fatherhood!

Redesigned Fatherhood.gov Website

On June 21, NRFC will launch the redesigned fatherhood.gov with improved usability and look and feel to create a seamless and integrated experience for fathers and practitioners. Check out our new website to find –

The redesigned website offers great content on responsible fatherhood that’s more engaging and easier to explore.

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  • Program Topics and Dad Topics pages will include:
    • A spotlight on a Responsible Fatherhood program or a DadTalk blog post.
    • Frequently Asked Questions to learn the basic terms and concepts behind the topic.
    • Related resources – articles, fact sheets, webinars, and more – available in the NRFC Library.
  • Program Activities, Dad Activitiesand DadTalk blogs will be searchable by topics, type of activity, kids’ age, etc.
  • Related content from the library will be offered on all pages.
  • Resource library will include webinars, multi-media resources, and PSAs.

Celebrate Father’s Day this year by checking out the new Fatherhood.gov and joining the NRFC Virtual Collaborative Community!

On Monday, June 29th we’ll hold a Virtual Open House to show you around the new site and the Virtual Collaborative Community. Register here.

The week following the launch (June 22-26) we will be hosting an online Scavenger Hunt! Each day that week we’ll post a new challenge. Share the answer on social media with #ConnectingDad. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter  to see the challenges.

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