Charting Impact with JFCS: A Family Reuniting

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June 25, 2013

Each father’s story is different, but with the help of programs like Healthy Fathers within organizations like Jewish Family & Children’s Service (JFCS) in Sarastoa, FL, a father’s life can be positively impacted forever. One such father is Chris, who chose to enroll in JFCS’s Monday night Fatherhood Class held on a Salvation Army campus.

During one of his first meetings, Chris shared with the group that bad decisions in his life lead him to think that he did not deserve to be a dad to his children. Even in light of his past experience and negative decisions, Chris heard that it is never too late to reunite with his children and work to become the best dad that he can be to his children. Chris came to a realization of what he had done to his family-- both his children and their mother.  He was ready to explore ways for family reunification.

Through the support of the group, Chris was able to overcome challenges and work with his family educator in developing a plan to restart a relationship with his children. Chris’ first step was to write a letter to the mother of his children.  In the letter, Chris tried to explain the circumstances that had transpired in his life and described the recent steps he had commenced to reestablish his life.

At the next class, Chris shared with the group that he had received a letter from the mother of his children.  She had been following his life for the past eight years. She was proud of his attempts to get his life back on course. Chris came to the next class with pictures of his son and daughter, both in their teens now. He also received a letter from his daughter and was working on reestablishing their relationship.

Chris shares that without experiencing the Healthy Fathers/Healthy Families class, and without the support of the group, he could not have taken this major step in his life. Chris recently contacted his educator to announce that he is employed with a stable living situation.  He was most excited about saving money to attend the high school graduation of his daughter.

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