4 Health Benefits of Being a Laughing Dad

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September 2, 2014

Why? Because laughs are powerful. They are not only great for your bond with your children, laughing can help you live longer, according to a recent Mayo clinic article. Laughing together and playing together often go hand in hand.  Check out this reminder that having kids means you get to enjoy being a “kid again,” along with this short list of reasons to laugh from the Mayo Clinic:


[Editor’s Note: This post originally contained a link to a video that is no longer available. To view up-to-date PSAs from the NRFC, visit our Multimedia section.]

Reasons Every Dad Should Laugh a Little More:

  1. Laughing may improve your immune system
  2. Laughing is a natural painkiller
  3. Laughing is a great way to relax
  4. Laughing can be healthy for your vital organs

Take a look at the full Mayo clinic article here, and keep visiting the Fatherhood.gov for fun tips and advice – like our Activities of the Week - to help you enjoy the awesome journey of being a dad.

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